Your hospital appointment or stay

Due to COVID-19, we have a number of safety measures in place to protect women, babies and families in our care.

Whether you’re coming to us for a clinic appointment, day surgery or any other reason, you may notice things are a little bit different.

We realise some changes may be disappointing for our patients and their families, but we ask for your understanding and patience as we work to ensure your health and safety.


Screening and Rapid Antigen Testing

COVID-19 Screening Questions

Everyone entering our hospitals will be asked standard screening questions upon arrival.  You can either show proof of completing the questions before you arrive via the QR Code or you can complete the questions when you get here.    A face mask will also be provided for you to wear.

Rapid Antigen Test (RAT) 

Everyone entering our hospitals will need to demonstrate proof they are free of COVID-19.  This can be done by either:

  1. Taking the RAT at home and then showing photo evidence of the result with a dated photo.
  2. By arriving 30 minutes early to your appointment and taking RAT provided by us upon your arrival. 

Once you receive your result you can proceed.  Please note COVID-19 positive visitors are not permitted in our hospitals. 


Coming for a clinic appointment

If you have an outpatient clinic or imaging appointment, we ask you to attend alone. Your partner / support person can be on speaker phone or video call during the appointment. If you would like to apply for exceptional circumstances or would like to discuss your situation with your health care team, please do so at least two days before attending your appointment. 


Coming to have your baby

We understand that in addition to our hospital midwives, having an essential visitor / support person to provide personal support throughout your birth process is important for your wellbeing.

Under current hospital restrictions, you'll be able to have one essential visitor / support person with you during labour and birth (and in theatre for a caesarean section) and that nominated person can with you for up to four hours post birth.  An Essential Visitor can then visit between the hours of 8am and 8pm

You and your essential visitor / support person will be screened on entry. Pregnant women are advised to identify an alternate birthing partner in the event their preferred partner screens positive for COVID-19.

 All visitors to hospital sites will be required to show proof of their COVID-19 vaccination (external site), either in a digital or paper-based form, along with approved identification in some cases.

If you know that your Essential Visitor/support person is not vaccinated, please speak with your healthcare team about an Unvaccinated Visitor Exemption. 

A non-vaccinated Essential Visitor will need to stay with you in your room at all times – with reasonable exceptions of course!

These measures are in place to keep you, your baby and the staff caring for you safe.

Please be aware, due to space limitations in some areas / rooms, your visitor may be asked by ward staff to step out of your room. This is to ensure physical distancing can be maintained and to keep our staff, safe.

When you are discharged from hospital, you will receive support through our postnatal care in the home program. Some of these appointments may be done in person or over the phone.


Coming to visit your baby in the NICU

One designated parent / guardian can stay with a patient 24 hours per day. One additional vaccinated parent / guardian can visit during standard visiting hours only.   

No other visitors, including children, are allowed except in exceptional circumstances.

Where a unvaccinated parent / guardian is the designated essential visitor, they must comply with all the standard conditions listed in the visiting restrictions section.

Families must contact the NICU to apply for exceptional circumstances on a case by case basis.


Coming for surgery

We ask that if you are coming for surgery you come alone, unless you are having a planned caesarean section.  

We can contact your support person when you are ready to be picked up after your surgery and you can be assisted to the main entrance for easy collection by your support person. 


Staying at KEMH or OPH Maternity as an inpatient

From 6 March patients can have two visitors per day with only one person at the bedside at any one time. This includes the Essential Visitor. 

A standard visitor can visit with a patient between 10am and 12pm and 5pm and 7pm. 

In exceptional circumstances, such as end-of-life care, or mental health support consideration to these visitor conditions will be given. Please call the hospital at least two days before your visit, appointment or admission to discuss such a request or speak to your health care team if you are an inpatient.


Accessing Telehealth Services

If you have been identified as suitable to access your outpatient appointments via Telehealth you will contacted directly. Find out more about our Telehealth Services.


Staying at Agnes Walsh Lodge

KEMH offers short-term accommodation for women from regional or remote areas who need to be in Perth for care at the hospital. Any non-vaccinated tenants at Agnes Walsh House will be asked to undergo Rapid Antigen Testing at various times throughout your stay.

We will also ask that each time you leave the accommodation to come over to the hospital they call through to our COVID Coordinator to arrange an escort and fresh face mask.

It is important to continue to check our website for the latest information regarding attendance at the hospital as requirements may change as we see the COVID-19 situation develop.


Applying for an Exemption to these conditions 

You can apply for an Exemption to the conditions by speaking to your healthcare team. 

Last Updated: 29/03/2022