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Having a Baby in WA

General Hospital Care
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General Hospital Care is available for women experiencing an uncomplicated or ‘low-risk’ pregnancy who do not require on-going specialist supervision.

General Hospital Care is offered at the public hospital closest to a woman’s home and is usually provided by hospital midwives, doctors and/or a local GP.

See column on the left for a full list of metropolitan and regional public maternity hospitals that provide General Hospital Care in WA.

The Family Birth Centre at KEMH is also a General Hospital Care provider and ‘low-risk’ women from any locality can attend.

Benefits of General Hospital Care

Having antenatal appointments and delivering your baby in your local community has many benefits:
  • You will receive the best and most appropriate care for your needs.
  • Being closer to home may make attending appointments more convenient.
  • Getting to hospital when you are in labour will be easier.
  • Your partner, family and friends may be close by and able to visit more often once your baby is born.
  • You can meet other new parents in your local area through antenatal classes and mother’s groups.






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