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Pregnancy Health Record (PHR)

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The Pregnancy Health Record is the main medical record of pregnancy care. It is the responsibility of, and is carried by, the woman.

The PHR has been designed to involve women in communicating their health status and plan of care. This development is in line with pregnancy care practice that has been routine for many years in the United Kingdom, Europe, New Zealand, and other states of Australia.

The use of the PHR has been implemented for all pregnant women at King Edward Memorial Hospital for Women (KEMH), the Pilbara Gascoyne health region, and other hospitals and health regions in Western Australia including the Christmas and Cocos Islands.

The PHR has been designed to be used for all women in Western Australia but it's total implementation will depend upon acceptance by women and health care providers.

The document is able to be used with the booklet Antenatal Shared Care Guidelines for General Practitioners.

In July 2005, a major revision of the use and usefulness of the 2004 document, mpowher, was conducted. The revision involved formal feedback from Western Australian women and clinicians who have used mpowher. Redesign was coordinated by a working party of Obstetricians, General Practitioners and Midwives. KEMH has funded printing of the revised document, the Pregnancy Health Record, for the use of women attending KEMH and for sale to other Health Services for the use of their women.

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