Kadadjiny Marr Koodjal Mia

Thinking, listening, and learning with both hands at home.

East Metropolitan Health Service (EMHS) has commissioned the EMHS Crisis Resolution Home Treatment Team, Kadadjiny Marr Koodjal Mia. Kadadjiny Marr Koodjal Mia provides an innovative, well established evidenced-based response to acute mental health care by providing consumers with safe and high-quality hospital-level care in their own home. Kadadjiny Marr Koodjal Mia has a united governance led by Armadale Kalamunda Group (AKG). 

The Kadadjiny Marr Koodjal Mia multi-disciplinary team (MDT)provide a 7 day a week service as an alternative to acute mental health hospital admission for mental health consumers, between the age of 18 and 64 years (inclusive), whose anticipated length of stay or intensive intervention need is less than 14 days.

Kadadjiny Marr Koodjal Mia may be suitable for the provision of intensive and timely support to the following mental health consumers:

  • Active community mental health consumers who require intensive support during the crisis phase and where hospitalisation or presentation to an emergency department could be avoided.
  • Consumers who can continue to be cared for in their homes following a short stay in an emergency department, mental health emergency centre or mental health observation area.
  • Consumers with the option of early discharge from hospital with the reassurance of intensive support from the service during the critical post discharge period.

Care and treatment provided are person-centred and collaborative, involving the consumer and where appropriate, their carer/family, in all treatment decisions with timely response to critical situations.

Kadadjiny Marr Koodjal Mia aligns with the strategic intent of both EMHS and WA Health, to improve mental health services and consumer outcomes, and to reduce admissions from Emergency Departments (EDs) and from admissions due to consumers in crisis in the community. Consumers experiencing acute mental health issues often present to Emergency Departments (EDs), and/or require admission to an Inpatient Mental Health Unit (IMHU) often when they are in crisis. If intensive mental health support similar to inpatient care in a community setting was available, this cohort of consumers could be cared for at home rather than in an emergency department or inpatient mental health setting as well as supporting consumers to be discharged earlier from hospital and safely supported to continue their recovery in their homes.

Kadadjiny Marr Koodjal Mia provides a more integrated, connected and visible service for people transitioning from acute to community settings, by providing a hospital in the home service.
Providing access to intensive mental health support, similar to inpatient care, in a community setting supports consumers to avoid having to present to Emergency Departments and providing an alternative to Inpatient Mental Health Admissions, supporting them to be discharged earlier from hospital, and ensuring they are safely supported to continue their recovery in their homes.


The Armadale Kadadjiny Marr Koodjal Mia location opened on 27 February 2023, delivering services to residents in the Armadale Kalamunda catchment area. Referrals to the Armadale service are accepted from: 

  • Community Mental Health Teams
  • Emergency Departments
  • Mental Health Emergency Centres (MHEC)/ Mental Health Observation Areas (MHOA)
  • Consultation Liaison Services (CL)
  • Public Hospitals (referrals accepted from mental health and non-mental health inpatient wards)

Planning is underway for commissioning of Kadadjiny Marr Koodjal Mia service locations in Perth City and Midland, delivering services to the whole EMHS catchment area. The Perth City and Midland locations are expected to commence later in 2023.


Kadadjiny Marr Koodjal Mia means ‘Thinking, listening and learning with both hands at home’ in the local Noongar language, with the name adopted following consultation with Aboriginal community representatives in the East Metropolitan Health Service area.

The service is open to everybody, Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal, and recognises the rich Aboriginal heritage of the land on which we work and live.

Last Updated: 01/06/2023