Your clinic appointment

Once you’ve received a referral letter from your GP for you to attend King Edward Memorial Hospital, he or she will send the letter to our Central Referral System and your referral will be triaged by our clinic midwives or nurses.

You will then be allocated an appointment based on the information the GP has provided to us. 

In Australia, overseas visitors, overseas students and patients who are not eligible for Medicare under their current VISA arrangements are required to pay for the cost of their health care. Please contact the Overseas Liaison Officer on (08) 6458 1066 or email to obtain information regarding fees for your appointment.

Outpatient Direct is a WA based telephone service that assist public hospital patients to manage appointments at certain clinics and services. By calling Outpatient Direct you can:

  • Get help to cancel or reschedule appointments
  • Update contact details such as postal address and phone number.
  • Receive general information regarding your appointments.

In addition, it is a great idea to download and use the Manage My Care App (external site) a free mobile and web-based app where you can track public outpatient appointments and referrals for yourself or those in your care at times that are convenient for you.

What do I need to know?

Allow two to three hours for your first appointment in addition to the time it takes you to arrive. Give your letter to the receptionist along with the completed registration paperwork.

Our Coming To Hospital page has great information about what you should consider before you visit us.

See your GP before your specialist appointment or in between appointments if your condition gets worse or you become concerned.

Your GP can contact medical staff at the hospital for advice or can help you decide if you should go to the emergency department.

Remember: Do not attend your outpatient appointment if you have any of the following symptoms:

  • Flu-like symptoms such as fever, cough or a sore throat.
  • Sudden onset of vomiting and diarrhoea.
  • Generalised unexplained rash.

What to bring to your appointment

Bring the following items to your appointments:

  • Appointment and confirmation letter.
  • Completed KEMH registration forms.
  • Any relevant x-rays, ultrasounds or laboratory results.
  • Medicare card, Healthcare card, Repatriation benefits card, pension card.
  • If no Medicare card, your passport, visa and insurance details.
  • You GP details: name, address and phone number.
  • List of current medications.
  • Any required aids – hearing aids, glasses etc.
  • Immunisation records.
  • A list of questions to ask.

Overseas patient fees

Hospital fees for patients who are not eligible for Medicare are set by the WA Department of Health. Overseas visitors and overseas students are required to pay for the cost of their care. Calls made to the Maternal Fetal Assessment Unit (MFAU) by Medicare ineligible patients, such as overseas visitors and overseas students, will incur a charge. 

More information about overseas patient fees.

Parking and public transport

Parking at and around KEMH

EasyPark logoParking directly outside KEMH on Bagot Road is only 30 minutes. This is useful for drop-offs or quick visits but is not enough time for your appointment.

Two-hour parking is available on some surrounding streets. They are at least a five-minute walk away, so take that into consideration. Parking is recommended in the patient/visitor carpark on Hensman Road or in a City of Subiaco carpark, as your appointment or visit may be longer than the time permitted on the surrounding streets.

Many roadside car bays use online payments via the EasyPark app which can be downloaded on your phone. The ticket machines also take cards and coins.  

There are two ACROD bays in front of the hospital and two in the Hensman Road carpark. See map of disability parking bays, entry points and ramp access (PDF).

Parking contrary to any KEMH or City of Subiaco signs may result in a fine.


Public transport

Daglish (10 minute walk) and Subiaco (15 to 20-minute walk) train stations are the closest to KEMH. Buses also stop in front of the main hospital entrance. Contact Transperth on 13 62 13 or visit (external site) for information on routes and timetables.


Pedestrians and cyclists

KEMH is located near the shared path running along the Fremantle railway line. See the City of Subiaco TravelSmart Map (PDF) for details of cycle routes or visit Department of Transport (external site) for Perth Bicycle Network maps. Bike racks are located next to Centenary House, near the Op Shop, accessible via Hensman Road.

Hospital map

Map of KEMH and surroundsClick on image for larger image.Map of KEMH

Consent and Observers at your clinic appointment

Generally, a General Practitioner suggests a visit to a Gynaecologist when specialised care is required for a particular health condition.

When you arrive at your appointment do not be afraid or shy to ask question. The health professionals will always explain what they are about to do and why but ultimately we require your consent for an examination or procedure to happen.

As a public hospital we may not be able to always offer you your choice in the gender of the health professional but we will always offer to have a female member of staff to be present during an examination or procedure (known as an observer). They are your advocate so feel free to speak to them if you are uncomfortable.

Visiting assistance animals

We recognise the importance of assistance animals in supporting people with disability and welcome them to the hospital. To help both you and your assistance animal while visiting the hospital, read the Visiting Assistance Animals brochure (PDF).

Last Updated: 10/11/2022