Psychological Medicine referrals

Referral Information

Patients of KEMH are eligible for support from our Department when their medical condition or treatment is impacting adversely on their mental health; or when an existing mental health struggle requires management or is impacting on access to their health care service. Patients must consent to the referral unless the clinician’s duty of care overrides patient consent.


  • All referrals are received by eReferrals (external site)
  • To discuss referrals with our triage nurse, please call (08) 6458 1521 during office hours.



  • King Edward patients can self-refer by contacting the Department. Patients can also be referred by community service providers (eg. GPs, Visiting Midwifery Service, Community Mental Health, Child Health Nurse etc.) using the referral form (PDF)
  • King Edward outpatient clinics can use our e-referral system or speak with our triage nurse on (08) 6458 1521 for urgent matters.


The Department of Psychological Medicine is not an emergency or crisis mental health service.

If you or someone you know may be at risk of harm or suicide, please don’t hesitate to seek advice by contacting:

Mental Health Emergency Services on 1300 555 788 or advise to attend the nearest Hospital Emergency Department.

Last Updated: 21/06/2024