Co-HIVE Aged Care Service

The Co-HIVE Aged Care service is a geriatrician led virtual healthcare service for consumers residing in residential aged care facilities (RACFs).

Consumers from RACFs may have complex healthcare needs. An admission to hospital offers consumers access to diagnostic tools and tertiary medical expertise. However, extended hospital admissions and frequent re-presentations can be highly disruptive to consumer care, especially for those consumers with a background of dementia or approaching end of life care.

The Co-HIVE aims to empower RACFs to care for consumers within their own home. The service intends to bridge the communication gap and coordinate care between community and tertiary healthcare providers.

The Co-HIVE Team comprises specialist clinicians, including consultant geriatricians, palliative care physicians, older adult psychiatrists and clinical nurses. The Team is based within the HIVE (Royal Perth Hospital, A Block Level 11).


Supported Discharge Pathway

On referral, the Co-HIVE can provide same day or next day virtual appointments for consumers who have recently been discharged from hospital. In addition, the Co-HIVE offers:

  • Comprehensive geriatric assessments
  • Medication optimisation
  • Older adult psychiatry support and behaviour management
  • Palliative care support
  • On-site intravenous therapy support via Silverchain
  • Assistance in liaising with tertiary or other subspecialist services.


Pre-Emergency Pathway

Co-HIVE provides a Pre-Emergency Pathway. RACF staff and general practitioners can refer unwell consumers at risk of presenting to the Emergency Department (ED). Clinicians can refer consumers to Co-HIVE in the following situations:

  • Consumer at risk of transfer to ED
  • Consumer at risk of acute deterioration.

In the event that a consumer at a RACF is at risk of a transfer to hospital, the Co-HIVE team will provide guidance on intervention and recommendations to aid in facilitating care in the home, if clinically appropriate. If a consumer is transferred to hospital, Co-HIVE aims to optimise consumer care by creating robust communication channels between the RACF, St John Ambulance (SJA) and the ED.

Last Updated: 07/09/2023