Complex reproductive gynaecology service

Overview / role of the service / clinic

KEMH provides a specialist gynaecology service for those with complex reproductive conditions of any age who require ongoing specialist gynaecological care from across Western Australia. This includes a specialist service for adolescents requiring gynaecological care. This service works closely with the specialist paediatric gynaecological service provided at Perth Children’s Hospital.


Clinical inclusion

Those with complex reproductive conditions of any age including:

  • hymenal bands, vaginal septae, Mullerian anomalies (including Mayer Rokitansky Kuster Hauser syndrome),
  • conditions of diverse sex development (eg congenital adrenal hyperplasia, complete androgen insensitivity syndrome and more),
  • Turner Syndrome and
  • complex anatomy impacting the vagina (eg congenital cloacal anomaly)


  • Adolescents from around the age 14 years with gynaecological conditions requiring specialist investigation and management


Clinical exclusion

  • Age less than 14 years, refer to the Paediatric Gynaecology Clinic based at Perth Children’s Hospital.
  • Management of uterine septum for fertility reasons – refer to the Endoscopy Clinic at King Edward Memorial Hospital.


Frequency of clinic

Once a fortnight.


Referral to include

  • Full medical history.
  • Details of previous investigations, correspondence from other medical specialties.
  • Relevant blood test and ultrasound results.
  • Clinical concerns and patient concerns.


Urgent referral

Urgent referrals (to be seen within 14 days) GP to contact on call Gynaecology Registrar (EC Registrar) at King Edward Memorial Hospital via Switchboard (08) 6458 2222.


Referral process

All referrals from GPs to this clinic are sent to the Central Referral Service WA (CRS). Ensure you provide the relevant information in the referral to enable appropriate triage, including required investigation results and letters from treating medical practitioners if relevant and request adolescent gynaecology clinic at WNHS.

Referrals using GP software that include all the relevant history and information are also welcome using CRS referral form templates (external site).

Referrals are sent to the Central Referral Service of WA via:

Healthlink secure messaging: crefserv
Tel: 1300 551 142
Fax: 1300 365 056
Postal address: GPO Box 2566, Perth WA 6831

Last Updated: 19/10/2022