Perineal Care Clinic

Role of Service

The WNHS Perineal Care Clinic provides multi-disciplinary care to those who had care at a WNHS hospital and have had a third or fourth-degree perineal tear, or have had significant perineal trauma during birth, or present with pain and or health issues after 6 weeks post-partum. The clinic is staffed by a multidisciplinary team including Specialist Obstetric and Gynaecologists, Senior Women’s Health Physiotherapists, Urogynaecologists, nursing staff and access to specialist ultrasound, psychological medicine, wound management, and Colorectal Surgeon expertise as needed.


Clinical Inclusion

The Perineal Care clinic is currently available for:

  • those who attended a WNHS Hospital (KEMH, OPH) for the delivery of their babies.
  • are 6 weeks to 6 months post-delivery.
  • And have:
    • Third or fourth-degree perineal tear (including obstetric anal sphincter injuries) or
    • Significant perineal trauma during delivery or
    • Persistent perineal pain in 6 weeks to 6 months after birth of baby.

Referrals are accepted from:

  • General Practitioners – see referral process below
  • WNHS labour and birth units
  • WNHS postnatal wards
  • WNHS Emergency Centre
  • WNHS Physiotherapy
  • WNHS Visiting Midwifery Service


Clinical Exclusions

  • Perineal Injury and did not deliver at WNHS – please refer to local maternity service for follow up care.
  • Acute perineal healing concern less than 6 weeks post-delivery – please refer to: Emergency department of local maternity service, or WNHS KEMH Emergency Centre if delivered at WNHS
  • More than 6 months post-delivery – if acute issue refer to local emergency centre, if chronic issue refer to local gynaecology services.


Frequency of Clinic

Fortnightly clinic at WNHS KEMH, with allied health service appointments available on other days.


Referral to Include

Please include detailed information to allow appropriate triage and appointment allocation.

  • Date of delivery
  • Place of delivery, mode and any complications with delivery
  • Type of tear
  • Presenting complaint and symptoms
  • Post natal care thus far including medication prescribed.


Urgent Referral

If the referral is for an acute issue requiring urgent review within 7 days, please ring WNHS Switchboard (08) 6458 2222 and ask for the On Call Gynaecology Registrar.

Please note this discussion and advice received on the referral that is sent to WNHS KEMH.


Referral Process

Due to the importance of timely review of women affected by perineal injury and healing issues, referrals from GPs are to be sent direct to:

WNHS KEMH Referral Co-ordinator via:

In Subject line write “WNHS Perineal Care Clinic, Patient Surname”
Fax: (08) 6458 1031
Healthlink secure messaging: crefserv

Note: CRS referrals may take up to 3-4 weeks to be received by the hospital. If using CRS to send referral via electronic secure messaging (Healthlink) please highlight that referral is for Perineal Care Clinic and requires urgent attention.

Email direct to WNHS KEMH referral co-ordinator is the preferred referral pathway, and please contact the On-call Gynaecology Registrar or Consultant for management advice if needed whilst awaiting an appointment.


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Last Updated: 15/02/2023