Reproductive Medicine Service – including Fertility Clinic

Role of service

The Reproductive Medicine Service at the Women and Newborn Health Service provides a limited infertility service for sub-fertile couples.

This may include investigation, education, counselling, cycle tracking, ovulation induction and surgery. It also provides assessment of women with recurrent miscarriages.

The service can assess women and men concerned about the implications of impending cancer treatment on their fertility – these patients can be seen at short notice via an urgent referral.


Clinical inclusion

  • Woman's age is between 21 and 38 years at time of referral. Note that IVF cannot be offered to women over 35.
  • In a relationship and both desire treatment.
  • Couple must be unable to conceive naturally.


Clinical exclusion

  • Either partner not covered by Medicare.
  • Illicit drug use (either partner).
  • Smoking (either partner).
  • In prison (either partner).
  • Either partner BMI >35.
  • Fertility treatments requiring the use of donor sperm.
  • Request for egg donation or surrogacy.
  • Infertility due to sterilisation / requesting reversal of tubal ligation / vasectomy.


Frequency of clinic



Referral to include

  • Full medical and obstetric history.
  • Current cervical screening test result (within 5 years if >25yrs of age).
  • STI screen results.
  • Name, DOB, Medicare details and medical history (including BMI) for both partners.

There are pre-requisite tests that will need to be performed approximately two months (60 days) prior to the appointment so that results are current at the time of the appointment. Await receipt of letter from WNHS Referral Co-ordinator which will detail the investigations required for the couple and timeframes for completion of these investigations.

Patients are sent their appointment date and a request for pre-requisite tests 60 days prior to the appointment.


Urgent referral

Fertility preservation due to cancer diagnosis – first call Professor Hart (Consultant Reproductive Medicine) or Fertility Nurse (via WNHS at KEMH switchboard (08) 6458 2222) to discuss the referral.


Referral process

Completed referral for the couple requiring Reproductive Medicine Service is sent to:

WNHS Referral Co-ordinator via:

In Subject line write “Reproductive Medicine Referral, Patient Surname”
Fax: (08) 6458 1031
Healthlink: not yet available.


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Last Updated: 16/07/2024