PREM Milk Bank

Sometimes mothers have difficulty producing enough milk while others are producing more milk than their own infant requires.

The Perron Rotary Express Milk Bank (PREM Milk Bank) helps these babies and mothers by collecting breast milk from healthy screened donors, processing it to ensure safety, and making it available to infants in need. This offers a better and safer nutritional alternative for preterm infants and can be used instead of formula.

Information for donors

Could you be a breast milk donor?

Mothers producing more milk than their own infant requires may want to consider donating their excess milk to our human milk bank.

Human milk is the best food for human babies, especially when they are born sick or premature. Giving these babies breast milk helps reduce the number of gastrointestinal infections and supplies special immuno-protective properties to increase their chances of survival for long-term growth and development.

Before accepting milk from donors, we ensure they are healthy by screening them through completing a questionnaire and undertaking a blood test.

The PREM Milk Bank welcomes all enquiries from women who are breast feeding or planning to breast feed in the future. However, not all breast feeding mothers can be donors, so before contacting us please read our Frequently Asked Questions and complete our online preliminary Donor Screening Assessment (2b).

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Information for recipients

Mothers who are having difficulty producing enough milk to feed their babies may want to consider using pasteurised donor milk from our recognised donor milk bank. PREM Milk Bank only collects breast milk from healthy donors who have undergone a rigorous screening process similar to that used for blood donors. 

The milk is then pasteurised; that is heated to a temperature that kills bacteria and viruses, but retains many of the immuno protective components vital for a newborn's health. 

Why not formula? 

Premature babies are born with a very immature immune system. These babies are ten times more likely to develop severe gastrointestinal infections if fed formula instead of human milk. Breast milk has many immuno protective properties that can help preterm infants at this critical time of learning to tolerate milk in their system. 

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Goals and responsibilities

Our Goal

We are committed to the protection, promotion and support of breastfeeding by the mothers of preterm infants. We also acknowledge and support mothers’ individual feeding decisions and outcomes. Our service seeks deliver a donor human milk bank service in a manner that supports successful breastfeeding outcomes and provides safety for our donors and recipients.

Responsibilities during milk banking

The primary responsibility of the PREM Milk Bank is to provide a safe, effective, ethical, and sustainable supply of donor human milk products. We aim to ensure that the act of donation is safe and causes no harm to the donor or their infant/family. This includes maintaining a pool of safe, voluntary non-remunerated donors with all necessary steps taken to ensure that donor human milk products are efficacious for the recipient, with minimal risk of infection or harm. This includes harm resulting from detrimental breastfeeding outcomes in recipient populations.

  • The safety of human milk donors must be protected by ensuring confidentiality, privacy, self-determination, and non-discrimination.
  • The safety of the recipients of donor human milk products must be protected by ensuring the safety, quality, and availability of donor human milk products.
  • Human milk donors have a responsibility to self-defer if they are aware of any concern that may influence their suitability to donate. Donors have the right to withdraw at any stage of the donation process.
  • Recipients have the right to be protected from avoidable adverse events associated with donor human milk products.
  • Although anyone may offer to become a milk donor, there is no intrinsic right to donate milk. Where self-determination conflicts with safety of donor or recipient, safety considerations will decide acceptability of donation.

 PREM Milk Bank acknowledgements

Funding to establish PREM Milk Bank was provided by the:

  • Rotary Club of Belmont
  • Rotary Club of Thornlie
  • Perron Charitable Trust
  • Telethon (Post-doctoral Research Fellow).

PREM Milk Bank is the result of collaboration between the:

  • Women and Newborn Health Service 

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PREM Milk Bank