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These brochures describe the various gynaecological procedures and services and the care you will receive before, during and after at KEMH.


Urodynamic Studies
This brochure describes your care before, during and after your Urodynamic Studies appointment. This appointment will be at the Urology Clinic located in Centenary Clinic at (KEMH).

Systemic Methotrexate

Bladder Training
These brochure outlines a bladder training self-help program which can help reduce the symptoms of:

  • urinary frequency – passing urine more than seven times a day on a normal fluid intake of two litres
  • nocturia – passing urine more than once at night – twice as you get older
  • urgency – not wanting, or being able to hold on
  • urge incontinence – leaking urine when you need to pass urine

Patient Instruction for Self-Catheterisation


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