Women's Health Strategy and Programs

The Women's Health Strategy and Programs (WHSP) is a team of health professionals who are responsible for various non-clinical roles in projects and policy, training and education, working with community based, not-for-profit women’s services and health promotion to support WA services working towards improving the health of women and families. The specific areas of expertise include:

  • Aboriginal health promotion at KEMH
  • Community based women’s health services, sexual assault support services and unplanned pregnancy counselling programs
  • Family and domestic violence and
  • Gendered based violence in CaLD community

The Western Australian Women's Health Strategy 2013-2017 aim is to improve and promote the health and wellbeing of WA women, particularly those who are at most risk of poor health outcomes. The Strategy also highlights priority areas for women’s health in order to achieve better health outcomes into the future. It promotes substantive equality and social inclusion by focusing on priority areas and high risk groups of women that need targeted action.

To complement the Women's Health Strategy, WHSP developed "A snapshot of women's health in WA". The snapshot draws attention to the current state of health for women across WA and presents self-report data, burden of disease information, and top five causes of death.