Vision, mission and values

As part of the Women and Newborn Health Service (WNHS) and the wider North Metropolitan Health Service (NMHS) hospital and health services network, King Edward Memorial Hospital shares both the NMHS and WNHS Vision, Mission and Values.


Our Vision

Excellence in healthcare for our community.

Our Mission

To improve, promote and protect the health and wellbeing of our patients, population and community. 

We will achieve our mission by: 
  • Providing the right care and support at the right time, and in the right place.
  • Delivering safe and high quality services.
  • Taking a whole-of-system approach - working together to do the right thing for the patient, population and community.
  • Developing seamless pathways between our hospitals and community services to improve care.
  • Strengthening partnerships to better provide services and reach the best outcomes for patients, population and community.
  • Aspiring and committing to creating a learning organisation through teaching, training and research.

Our Values

Care – We show empathy, kindness and compassion to all.
Respect – We are inclusive of others and treat everyone with courtesy and dignity.
Innovation – We strive for excellence and are courageous when exploring possibilities for our future.
Teamwork – We work together as one team in a spirit of trust and cooperation.
Integrity – We are honest and accountable and deliver as promised.

NMHS Strategic Plan 2017-2021 

The NMHS Board has set five core strategies that it believes will deliver the best outcomes for our patients and the best working environment for our employees: 
  1. Strive for better patient health outcomes by continuously improving clinical excellence.
  2. Further develop centres of excellence to retain a strong teaching, training, research and innovation focus.
  3. Strengthen our engagement and partnership with patients, carers, staff and our community.
  4. Enable, empower and engage our workforce.
  5. Enhance our clinical services through professional and efficient corporate support.

Further information on these strategies can be found in the NMHS Strategic Plan 2017-2021.


Our Vision 

Excellence in healthcare for women, infants and their families.

Our Mission 

To improve, promote and protect the health and wellbeing of women, infants and their families.

Our Values 

Care, Respect, Innovation, Teamwork and Integrity


  1. Clinical excellence and improved health care outcomes.
  2. Centres of excellence. 
  3. Engage carers, consumers, clinicians and community.
  4. Effective supports to enable best practice, next generation care. 
  5. Enable and empower our people.