Private patients

At King Edward Memorial Hospital (KEMH), we are committed to providing a high standard of care and treatment to every patient.

KEMH has a Private Patient Program available to those patients with appropriate (maternity cover if having a baby) private health insurance who visit our regular clinics but would like the opportunity to make their stay in hospital a little more comfortable.

With appropriate cover, a patient will have no out-of-pocket expenses for their hospital stay and procedures (eg. hospital accommodation, prosthetics, pathology, radiology, ICU, theatre fees).

By using their private health insurance for admission, a patient will have access to ‘team’ care during their hospital stay, consisting of continuity of care from the same group of multidisciplinary health professionals, all under the leadership of a consultant. 

Opting to use your private health insurance will help make your stay with us a little more comfortable and it directly helps our hospital too.

For more information about your level of health fund coverage, and for advice about using your private health insurance at KEMH, please call our private patient liaison officer.

Private Patient Liaison Officer

Phone: (08) 6458 1066 or email:

The benefits

It is important to remember that all patients receive the same quality of treatment and range of services, whether private or public. 

However, there are additional benefits that patients can enjoy by using their private health insurance.

No out-of-pocket expense

KEMH offers a ‘no out of pocket expense’ guarantee to private patients for their hospital stay and procedures (e.g. hospital accommodation, pathology, radiology, ICU, theatre fees).  Your specialist doctor/consultant will provide medical care at no out-of-pocket expense unless he or she advises you differently. Our Private Patient Liaison Officers will be able to assist you to determine the type of cover you have, and whether your cover applies to the specialist care you will receive in our hospital.

Giving back to the hospital

The money from the health fund is given directly to KEMH. We can use it to enhance our patients’ care and hospital experience.

Complimentary Amenities

To thank you for choosing to use your private health insurance, you will be offered some complimentary amenities to make your stay more comfortable:

  • Free access to our TV entertainment system.
  • Meal vouchers for your visitors (one per day) or for parents of NICU patients
  • Toiletries pamper pack.
  • Daily newspaper 

Single rooms

The large majority of rooms at our hospital are single rooms, except those in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. Whilst we cannot guarantee a patient a specific room as the clinical needs of our patients must take priority, there is a strong chance you will have access to a single room during your stay.

Neonatal Patients

You can also opt to use your private health insurance if your baby needs to receive care from our specialist neonatal team. There are still no out-of-pocket expenses, and our team of specialists will care for your baby.