Allied Health

Allied Health professionals are integral to the multidisciplinary care provided at King Edward Memorial Hospital (KEMH), consisting of a diverse range of occupations providing diagnostic, therapeutic, restorative and preventative services that are distinct from nursing, medicine and pharmacy. The Allied Health Unit at KEMH offers care to women and newborns requiring:

At KEMH these services are provided to patients who have been admitted into our hospital and outpatients who are being treated by one of our medical specialists. It includes services that are not available in the community or non-tertiary site. 

The role of the Allied Health Unit is to provide leadership and excellence in women’s and infants’ allied health care. The Allied Health team acts as a resource throughout the State, providing direct acute care, outpatient services, a reference source, consultation, research, continuing education programs and professional development for health workers in infants’ and women's issues. Allied Health is also committed to providing effective education for undergraduate and postgraduate students.  

The Director of Allied Health is a member of the KEMH executive group, and works in partnership with allied health heads of department and professional leads in accordance with the strategic direction of KEMH. Allied Health professionals work in all clinical units of the wider Women's and Newborn Health Service. 

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