Next Birth After Caesarean Clinic

King Edward Memorial Hospital (KEMH) offers an innovative midwifery-led antenatal clinic for women who have previously had a baby by caesarean section.  As the only hospital who accepts women who have already had two previous caesarean sections, not all women who attend this clinic live within the KEMH postcode catchment.

Who is eligible for this clinic?

The Next Birth After Caesarean (NBAC) clinic is available to all women whose local maternity hospital does not provide an NBAC option. These women will have had a previous caesarean section and then choose to birth at KEMH. 

To access the NBAC Clinic, women must receive a referral from their GP. An appointment will then be made for you, to see the NBAC midwife.  

Women who have complicating medical conditions and need close supervision by a doctor (for example an elevated BMI) will be seen by their specialist obstetric team. These women can still access some services within the NBAC clinic, including the preparation classes and telephone consultations with midwives.

For more information about the Next Birth After Caesarean Clinic at KEMH please call 6458 1368.

The NBAC clinic aims to offer consistent information and care based on the latest research and evidence. "Our aim is to empower you to make the right choice for you"